Diode Laser 445nm Blue (3W, 50 MHz, multimode)

High power diode laser

Multi-mode laser diodes with high power rating are selected. This allows coarse chip surface scanning with large spot size and sufficient intensity within spot


Configurable pulse length, high pulse frequency, short delay and minimal jitter

Pulse lenght as small as 2ns. High pulse frequency allow multi pulse fault injection attacks. Short delay between trigger pulse and actual light pulse in combination with minimal jitter allows for accurate laser pulse timing


Wide range of spot size

Together with objectives and spot size reducer a 100:1 range of spot size is possible to choose from coarse to detailed chip surface scanning


Long life laser diode

Laser diode aging is minimal


Integration with Riscure products

Multi-mode diode laser fit to Laser Station 2, TwinScan module and older Diode Laser Station. Optical power and laser timing is controlled by VC Glitcher or Spider.