EM-FI (BBI) Probe Set

BBI provides a local precision glitch using high power electrical pulses. Using BBI one can overcome some of the issues faced with EM-FI or laser.

      • EM-FI injects a relatively large field of energy, a BBI probe injects faults in a very small location. This way security vulnerabilities can be pinpointed to a more specific location.
      • Most high security chips are nowadays resistant to laser using defensive programming or hardware countermeasures. The fault characteristics of BBI are different from laser, and memory types like EEPROM react differently to this type of fault.
      • Another issue occurs with hardware built in-house. Using off-the-shelf components to build a BBI setup (including high voltage amplifier, transmission cable, needle) the cable distorts the wave shape. We resolved this in our high-end dedicated package.


High power positive (red): 200V (+- 20%)
Low power positive (blue): +33V (+- 20%)
High power negative (black): -37V (+- 20%)
Low power negative (green): -200V (+- 20%)

All BBI Probes fit on the EMFI Transient