Current Probe

Measuring the power consumption of embedded technology to perform side channel analysis adds specific challenges to the measurement setup. Power lines on embedded devices are generally noisier, signals travel at a higher speed and there is a lot of variety in form factors compared to smart cards. To perform side channel analysis on embedded devices, such as System-on-Chip devices and FPGA’s, our Inspector software and CurrentProbe provide a solution for tackling these challenges.



    • Probe bandwidth 1 MHz 1 GHz


    • Probe impedance 60 m + 10 H for f < 200 kHz


    • Probe sensitivity with and 25 mV/mA without amplifier (into 50 impedance)


    • Signal output with 50 impedance


    • Built-in Tektronix CT1 current probe


    • Frequency Range: 0.1 - 2500MHz


    • Gain @500MHz: 25dB


    • Noise Figure @500MHz: 2.4dB


    • DC Power: 12V


    • SMA Connector