EM-FI Transient Probe

With increasingly challenging chip packages and sophisticated light-sensitive sensors to prevent optical laser faults Riscure presents a new testing vector for fault injection scenarios. The EM-FI Transient Probe induces fast, high power, EM pulses on a user-defined location of the chip. EM-FI testing allows bypassing traditional countermeasures and provides the next step in high-end security tests.




The EM-FI Transient probe offers a powerful addition to the fault injection setup. The easy setup and testing make it a relatively easy and time-saving way of performing localized faults on modern chips. The EM-FI transient probe offers a fast and predictable pulse that meets the demands of international testing laboratories and manufacturers. The set of probes, XY table and camera offer a complete and powerful setup that can be controlled and parameterized flexibly through the Inspector FI software. The software allows automation of testing scenarios and easy reporting for further analysis and refinements of the scenario. Like all other hardware components Riscure offers the EM-FI Transient Probe to be used in stand-alone or custom environments as well integrated with your own hardware and software.


    • Does not require de-packaging the chip.


    • EM glitches are not detected by light sensors meshes.


    • Flips value of logic cells on target device


    • Lower chance of permanent chip damage compared to laser glitching.


    • Adjustable high power pulses.


    • Different coils included to generate different EM fields over a chip.


    • Fast and short pulses configurable from software.


    • Fast and predictable response to trigger.


    • Fits Riscure EM Probe Station and Diode Laser Station for automated scanning.

Mounts on XYZ stage of EM Probe Station. Includes:

    • 1 Crescent probe ferrite


    • EM-FI transient coils (standard)


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