Glitch Amplifier

Fault injection on most embedded devices requires controllable and noise-free power. Glitch Amplifier is designed to meet this requirement, making your fault injection tests possible for a wide range of embedded targets. The Glitch Amplifier can be easily connected to Spider or VC Glitcher to produce sharp and accurate glitches on the target and to an Oscilloscope to measure and view the glitches that you generate. Configuration of the glitching scenarios are done by configuring Spider or VC Glitcher from the Inspector software. 

The Glitch Amplifier II has 50 Ω input for connection to Spider or VC Glitcher. The Glitch Amplifier has virtually 0 Ω output impedance, designed to drive the input pin of an embedded processor. The Glitch Amplifier can operate as a single power supply between 0 and 4V. This voltage is set in Inspector and controlled via Spider or VC Glitcher.

The Glitch Amplifier has an amplification factor of 2. When setting a continuous voltage level of e.g. 2 Volts and a glitch peak voltage of e.g. 3 Volts, the voltage levels between Spider or VC Glitcher and Glitch Amplifier are respectively 1 and 1.5 V. The voltage levels between Glitch Amplifier and embedded processor consequently are respectively 2 and 3 Volts.

    • Increased glitch success rate due to sharper glitches.
    • Integrated current and power monitor.
    • Amplifies glitches produced by the Spider or VC Glitcher up to 1.5 A peak-to-peak.
    • Allows glitching embedded devices such as FPGA’s and SOC’s.
    • Easy connection to your target via one of the three output connectors that Glitch Amplifier II offers.
    • Easy to position closely above your target.
    • Includes Glitch Needle
    • 3d Positioner (for Glitch Needle) is optional
    • Can be used in combination with EM probe station baseplate. Glitch Amplifier II exactly fits to the baseplates grid.