Advanced pattern-based triggering device for generating time independent pulses to avoid jitter and time-related countermeasures in SCA or FI testing.




Generating a trigger pulse at the right point in time is essential in fault injection and side channel analysis testing. Clock jitter and random program interrupts may however make this difficult. This may result in inaccurate timing of the injection of faults. Or, when performing side channel analysis, the measurement window may be unnecessary large resulting in a slow data acquisition process, an excessive amount of data, and strongly misaligned traces. In these situations, it would be much better to detect a pattern in the signal just before the point a fault should be injected or a measurement should start.




icWaves offers a solution for this. This FPGA-based device generates a trigger pulse after real-time detection of a pattern (maximum of 1024 samples) in the power or EM signal of a chip. icWaves has a special narrow band-pass filter built in to enable the detection of a pattern even in noisy signals. The latter is important because side channel signals are typically noisy and detecting a predefined pattern is therefore not always feasible without a tuneable filtering mechanism. Besides triggering a fault, icWaves is also used to prevent a smart card from shutting down after detecting a fault injection attack. By detecting the wave pattern that indicates the shutdown of the card, icWaves generates a trigger to stop the shutdown process.