Laser Station 2

Protecting chips against laser fault attacks is one of the main security challenges in the smart card industry. With the Laser Station 2, a user can perform advanced laser fault attacks that meet the highest international standards to assess if a smart card is secured against laser attacks.

The Laser Station 2 offers a set of new features meeting the latest timing and power requests from fault injection experts around the world. The special set of lasers with dedicated optics and the ultra-fast and flexible control create the ultimate fault injection test solution. Its integration with the Inspector software further ensures that automation and analysis are covered by extendible modules which are flexible and easy to use.


      • Supports front and back-side attacks.
      • Heavy stable base for high magnifications.
      • Integration with Inspector’s software and fault analysis modules.
      • Supports DPSS and Riscure/Alphanov modules.
      • Blue, green, red and NIR laser sources available now.
      • Zoomable camera for easy navigation.
      • Automated Z-axis.
      • Spot sizes down to 1um.
      • Fast multi-time glitching.
      • Accurate digital scaling.
      • Multi-spot upgrades available.
      • IR navigation upgrade available.
      • Fast and predictable response to trigger pulse.
      • Automatic scanning of a chip’s surface with integrated motorized XYZ stage.
      • Camera inspection of laser spot and location on chip area.
      • High repetition accuracy on motorized axes.
      • SDK available for integration into custom setups.
      • FDA/CE approved safety enclosure.