Power Tracer

Low-noise transparent card reader for SPA/DPA side channel power measurements with precise triggering capabilities




Using top end low-noise and high bandwidth analogue components that are electrically isolated from digital circuitry, the device provides output with an excellent signal-to-noise ratio. The capacitors inside the Power Tracer are pre-charged to power the smart card during each single measurement to avoid any external noise in the circuit. Power Tracer measures power consumption without measurement resistance in the power chain for stable card voltage and maximum signal bandwidth.




The device further includes a smart card reader, a hardware based trigger, and software-controlled smart card supply voltage, power signal gain and offset.


      • High quality power signal with configurable gain and offset.


      • Configurable card voltage.


      • Configurable delay before trigger pulse.


      • Internal and external clock.


      • Buffered ‘soft’ clock signal for smart card.


      • Compatible to operate with the EM Probe Station and icWaves.


      • Serial interface externally available (e.g. to monitor smart card I/O or to control embedded devices).