VC Glitcher

The VC Glitcher forms the heart of Inspectors fault injection architecture for smartcards. Using ultra­fast FPGA technology this device can generate faults that are two nanoseconds short whilst its hardware can still be programmed by the user in an easy manner. The VC Glitcher has integrated circuitry for performing voltage and clock glitching and it has an output channel for controlling optical pulses on Laser Station 2.


      • Very powerful tests due to inte­ grated digital pattern generator that generates very short glitches using FPGA technology.


      • Easy to create any test scenario with the perturbation instruction set.


      • Good reproducibility of tests by accurate logging of smart card behaviour.


      • Reduction on testing time due to automated testing of a large set of perturbation parameters.


      • Seamless integration with the Diode Laser Station and icWaves.


      • Card damage can be prevented using adjustable current limiter.


      • Consistent and complete pertur­bation testing to reach a high level of assurance.