With the Transceiver you easily identify valuable signals hidden in noise. Now you can have a reliable pattern for triggering in the noisiest scenarios, boast the quality of your SCA measurements, or detect the presence of specific countermeasures (e.g. dummy rounds). With the software-defined-radio technology in the Transceiver, you can also apply it to measuring side channels of targets from a distance.




There are several reasons why you want to receive a more distinct signal with less noise:


      • With a more distinct signal you can create an accurate and stable trigger for fault injection or starting a measurement.


      • Less noisy traces decrease the number of traces needed for analysis.


      • A well-filtered signal reveals more information on the program execution, including information on countermeasures implemented.


EM and RF setups are particularly sensitive to noise due to the the relatively large distance to the chip which allows for more signals to enter the measurement. The Transceiver reduces noise from concurrent processes or other components neighboring the target, allowing for a smoother and faster testing process. The real-time narrow band frequency filtering in the Transceiver makes it possible to improve the signal-to-noise ratio in any setup.


      • Easily identify valuable hidden signals buried in noise, for reliable triggering and countermeasure detection.


      • Reveals hidden signals for variety of use cases


      • High performance transceiver with strong configuration flexibility


      • On very noisy signals, gives clean signal to icWaves for triggering


      • Reduces required number of SCA traces for noisy targets


      • Can recognise certain countermeasures such as dummy rounds


      • Preconfigured Software Defined Radio environment supplied