Twin Scan LS2 Upgrade

Countermeasures for fault injection are becoming more advanced. To bypass some of these countermeasures, a security evaluator needs to be able to generate multiple laser pulses at different locations. In the past years we offered a Multi-Area DLS upgrade, but its drawback is that it is difficult to position the glass fiber to deliver the second laser spot to the surface. In addition, the spot size of the second pulse is limited to the fiber core (9 micrometer single-mode fiber / 50 micrometer multi-mode fiber) and the optical power of the pulse is reduced.


      • Generate two laser spots with independent location and timing
      • Reproduce a successful dual laser fault injection
      • Work with different laser sources
      • Speed up the evaluation process
      • Multi-pulse attacks with DPSS laser
      • Upgrade the Laser Station 2 with Twin Scan upgrade at any time
      • Motorized positioning of both laser spots
      • High position accuracy and resolution
      • Uses the wide field of view of the Laser Station 2