Riscure/Alphanov PDM2+HP 1064nm

We teamed up with ALPhANOV and cooperatively developed a dedicated laser source:

        • Single-mode lasers is the solution for a small spot size. The theoretical smallest spot size given a certain wavelength can be reached.
        • Diode lasers provide maximum timing control. Small tunable pulse duration with high tunable repetition frequency.
        • Fibers allow maximum flexibility in your laser fault injection setup.
        • ALPhANOV is world leading in single-mode fiber diode lasers
        • Smaller spot size allows to be more precise to understand what caused a fault.
        • Extremely short pulses and small spots allow to have better control over fault injection.
        • Avoid triggering countermeasures by using a spot size that does not set off any light detectors.
        • 1064nm gets through the substrate and have an optimal effect on the back side.
        • Robust fiber coupling between LS2 and PDM-HP+ module.
        • Use with the Inspector or independently from our software with the supplied SDK.