XYZ stage (for EM probe, EM-FI or Compact Laser)

Software-controlled precision XYZ table. The default XYZ stage for various Riscure hardware components which need accurate positioning above the device under test. The XYZ stage consists of three high precision stages with a small step size, small backlash and small yaw. The stages have a surface ground steel carriage and a high precision screw pitch. The base frame allows maximum flexibility for mounting device under test, from small smart cards to large printed circuit boards with a significant height. At the same time the frame holds the XYZ stages at a constant position during load and temperature changes. 


Backlash is a common phenomena for the interface between screw and carriage  of a stage. Backlash influences the end position depending on the movement direction towards the end position. The driver improvement always  enforces the same movement direction towards end position and makes sure reloacting to a privious recorded position is within a margin that is smaller than 2 micrometer