Advanced SCA with Inspector

Take your side channel analysis skills to the next level with our advanced course. During two days of intense training you prepare for analyzing the resilience of advanced crypto implementations with strong countermeasures against side channel analysis. The course has a good balance of practice and theory and you perform hands-on exercises with real-world targets while understanding the theoretical background of the attacks.


Why join this training? During the practical sessions you work in small groups using our side channel test equipment. At the end of the training you have a thorough understanding of the commonly applied test methods for high-end cryptographic implementation and you have the skills to apply them on real chip products with strong countermeasures to assess their security strength. The techniques enable you to test the strength of publicly known countermeasures such as masking, key randomization, non-standard and optimized crypto implementations, and random delays.


Duration: 2 days
Format: lecture (30%), lab (60%), discussions(10%)


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