Fault Injection Power, EM & Complete Laser

The complete range of devices offering all fault injection capabilities Riscure has available. Embedded devices can be tested against fault injection resistance with the devices included in this bundle. High-precision laser attacks can be executed efficiently because of the easy-to-use laser station in combination with various laser sources. Even double laser attacks can be done with the same ease that your staff will get used to fast when working with Riscure laser devices.

Apart from the laser, the fault injection attacks. This bundle also consists of devices used for EM and voltage glitching attacks. The heart of all these setups will be formed by our Spider, which can communicate many protocols to all your targets and is capable of clock glitching, too. Next to those, this setup also includes devices for advanced pattern-based triggering and Riscure's Transceiver to enable optimal hardware signal filtering. The setup is completed with a workstation fit for purpose and the complete Inspector FI installation with both a Java and Python framework for you to use.

Extended warranty on the devices in this setup is included with a calibration device that enables you to test the quality of your devices whenever you like.

To get you up to speed as fast as possible, we will install all equipment on-site and train your staff so that they can get started immediately.


    • Laser station 2 high precision XYZ stage & Safety Box
    • Twin Scan LS2 Upgrade
    • 1064nm NIR Diode Laser (20W, 25MHz, multimode)
    • 445nm Blue Diode Laser (3W, 25 MHz, multimode)
    • 808nm Deep Red Diode Laser (14W, 25MHz, multimode)
    • DPSS Laser 1064nm
    • DPSS Laser 532nm
    • Riscure/Alphanov PDM2+HP 980nm
    • Riscure/Alphanov PDM2+HP 1064nm
    • Microscope objective, 5X Objective M-Plan NIR
    • Microscope objective, 20X Objective M-Plan NIR
    • Microscope objective, 50X Objective M-Plan NIR
    • Microscope objective, 100X Objective M-Plan NIR
    • Infrared lighting for Microscope
    • XYZ precision stage
    • EM-FI Transient Coils (High precision)
    • EM-FI Transient Probe APW
    • EM-FI Transient Probe
    • BBI Probe Set
    • Glitch Amplifier
    • High Power Glitch Amplifier
    • icWaves
    • 2x Spider
    • Transceiver
    • 2x PicoScope 3206D Oscilloscope
    • Piñata H training target
    • Licensing:
      • Inspector subscription FI professional - 3 years
      • 1x Inspector subscription seat(s) with dongle included
      • Additional 1x Inspector Subscription seat with dongle
    • 2x Workstation for Inspector
    • Training:
      • 4 trainees Essential FI Training - 2 days
      • 4 trainees Advanced FI Training - 2 days
      • 2 trip for 1 trainer included
      • 2-day installation