SCA Power - Inspector Professional software

This setup contains everyting you need to start with power analysis embedded devices efficiently. Embedded devices can be tested against side channel resistance with the devices that are part of this bundle.The setup is completed with a workstation fit for purpose and a Inspector installation with the advanced analysis and power trace pre processing modules. To get you up to speed as fast as possible, we will train your staff so that they can get started immediatly.


  • Spider
  • Current Probe
  • Lecroy Waverunner 9104 Oscilloscope
  • Pinata H training target
  • Inspector subscription Acquisition professional - 3 years
  • Inspector subscription Analysis professional - 3 years
  • License:
    • 1x - Inspector subscription seat(s) with dongle - included
    • 1x - Additional subscription seat with dongle
    • Total of 2x licenses included
  • Workstation for Inspector
  • 4 trainees Essential SCA Training - 3 days
  • 1 trip for 1 trainer included