Fault Injection Professional

This setup will gice you all the fault injection capabilitites you need to start with Voltage and EM glitching on embedded devices and is the next step after our essentials bundle. This bundle consists of devices used for voltage and EM glitching attacks, where the hart is formed by our Spider, which is able to communicate over lots of protocols to all your targets and is capable of clock glitching too. Advanced patern based triggering is part of this setup through the Riscure icWaves device with unmatched precision and speed to give you accurate timing whenever needed. The setup is completed with a workstation fit for purpose and the complete Inspector FI installation with both a Java framework of a Python framework for you to use. To get you up to speed as fast as possible, we will install all equipment on-site and train your staff so that they can get started immediatly.


  • XYZ precision stage
  • BBI Probe Set
  • EM-FI Transient Coils (High precision)
  • EM-FI Transient Probe
  • Glitch Amplifier
  • High Power Glitch Amplifier
  • Spider
  • icWaves
  • PicoScope 3206D Oscilloscope
  • Pinata H training target
  • Inspector subscription FI professional - 3 years
  • Licenses:
    • 1x Inspector subscription seat(s) with dongle included
  • Workstation for Inspector
  • 4 trainees Essential FI Training - 2 days
  • 4 trainees Advanced FI Training - 2 days
  • 2 trip for 1 trainer included