Integrated security assessment of device

Riscure Integrated Security Assessment is tailored to the needs of device manufacturers who would like manage the risks with respect to security. As the manufacturer of the high-end tools for embedded device and chipset/SoC security testing, Riscure is well known by its expertise in both software and hardware security. Riscure continuously innovates to take in account the evolving security landscape, as well as the customer needs. This service can be delivered in a package tailor to the customer required depth and budget. Please select the options in the form below and feel free to get in touch with us, should you have any questions.

What do you get?
Integrated Security Assessment uses a variety of approaches to support you with two main goals:
Understanding the security of your solution
Improving the overall security level of your development teams
Depending on the options you have selected you can receive input on your solution documentation, use the workshop to discuss security issues found and possible mitigations or use our reports with findings and recommendations to disseminate the knowledge among your development team.
Beyond improving the security of your current product, Riscure can also advise on further technical improvements. The provided input helps to raise security awareness among the developers and support security stakeholders on decision-making and risk-managing processes.

Why Riscure?
Riscure differentiates itself from other labs with its extensive knowledge on embedded and chipset security and by performing thorough and innovative security evaluations in an efficient manner. Based on the effectiveness of our service, customers frequently come back to us to build a long term relationship. We are fully capable of exceeding the customers expectations due to our extensive expertise in hardware and software security, advanced hardware and software penetration testing skills and state-of-the-art security test tools.

Our Approach
The Integrated security assessment is based on the close interaction with your technical team during which we discuss the security with developers. Before diving deep into technical details we organize a kick-off meeting to align business needs with respect to risks/threat models and to adjust scope to your business needs.
Based on the options you have selected, we analyze the hardware and software design, and perform targeted implementation review. When analyzing security we take into account logical, fault injection and side channel threats, depending on the customer needs. As logical attacks are usually more scalable, they will get higher attention unless you give them a lower priority.