ARM Reverse Engineering

The process of extracting information from binary files is known as reverse engineering and is a fundamental embedded system security technique.   We use a hands-on approach that gives you a solid understanding of the techniques to navigate, instrument and analyze binary code. 


Why join this training? This training delivers the necessary knowledge and skills to perform reverse engineering of ARM binary code. You gain experience with state-of-the-art tooling to perform such analysis, and understand how high-level code translates into binary. Using static and dynamic analysis techniques you learn to:

    • Identify high level language constructs in binary code (e.g. structures, loops, functions, classes, etc.)


    • Identify common data structures in binary code (e.g. arrays, linked-lists, trees, etc.)


    • Identify typical vulnerability patterns in binary code

Duration: 2 days


Format: lecture (30%), lab (60%), discussions(10%)


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