Calibration tool

Setups for side channel analysis or fault injection can become complicated quickly in a way that multiple devices need to be part of a setup to achieve the result that you are aiming for. In order to make sure that results are accurate checking if the devices that you use in a setup are operational within the specifications that you expect is essential but can be cumbersome and time-consuming. To address this we have created a tool that makes your life easy and will not withhold you from verifying your devices before using them in a setup.

It  is an easy to use device that has one purpose: check Riscure devices that you use in a setup with regard to their specifications and expected behavior. The calibration tool is easy to connect to your Riscure device like SpiderPower Tracer of EM-FI transient probe and after a few clicks in Riscure Inspector the tests will run and will give you a verdict and a report that can be used for ISO audit trails. within a few minutes and you can be sure that your setup works as expected.