EMMI adapter (LS2)

Adapter for Laser Station 2 to mount an InGaAs camera. The setup will enable the user to create photon emission images of a target. These images will highlight active areas of the chip while in operation and helps to precisely identify areas that can be vulnerable for fault injection attacks. The setup works nicely with the premium fault injection software package that will not only help to create high resolution emission images of your target but also in assisting the user to use this information for inecting fault.


Camera not included!


Mechanical specifications:

    • Adapter has a C-mount adapter for camera
    • Cameras with a weight less then 500 gram can be used

Usable spectral range:

    • T > 86% @ 1000-1300 nm
    • T > 65% @ 900-1400 nm

Field of view with the adapter is about 3.8mm x 3.1 mm with a 5X objective