True Code Logical Vulnerabilities Find and Fix Professional

The presence of logical vulnerabilities can cause dangerous problems, Attackers can use these vulnerabilities to for example steal user data or IP. True Code Logical Checks offers a whole series of  vulnerability checks that can run automatically during from within your software lifecycle toolchain or manually from within the IDE that your development team is using. The checks can be configured so that they exactly fit your need. Results are saved in a freely accessible database and when the True Code plugins are used, they are shown to the developers from within the IDE. 


Assign vulnerabilities to team members for mitigation

Each vulnerability can be assigned to a team member to get extra information, mitigate or for a peer review


Priorities will help to focus on the most important vulnerabilities first

Found vulnerabilities get a priority and a status based on taken actions. Both attributes help developers to focus on the most important priorities first. A color scheme helps to visualize and make this even more easy.


Use multiple attributes to catogorize vulnerabilities precisely

To give the developers as much useful information as possible and to be able to generate reports with meaningful aggregates, the user can choose out of several attributes to assign to found vulnerabilities. Chosing these attributes from predefined lists assures consistency