Essential FI with Inspector (online)

Fault Injection (FI) attacks are implementation attacks designed to influence the intended behavior of a device or application by changing a critical value or by changing the flow of a program. Faults can be used to exploit or bypass robust security features found in secure systems. 


The end goal of this course is to enable you to perform voltage and EM fault injection attacks using Riscure software and hardware tools. You will also learn the theory behind FI attacks: the characteristics and effects of faults, different flavors and ways to inject faults, and common vulnerabilities and applications of fault injection attacks. Note that this training is explicitly designed for Riscure Inspector customers, and Riscure software and hardware FI tools are required for the course.


This course is structured as follows. In Chapter 1, you will learn the basics of fault injection attacks. In Chapter 2, we introduce the Riscure software tools for fault injection attacks, namely: Inspector FI Python, Inspector FI, and FI Spotlight. In Chapter 3, we introduce the Riscure hardware tools for a basic voltage FI attack (e.g., Spider, Glitch Amplifier 2, etc.), and the Riscure Piñata target board that will be used throughout the training. In Chapters 4 to 7, we walk you through building specific FI setups and performing different flavors of FI attacks.


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