Glitch Needle

Glitch accesory for the Glitch Amplifier. The Glitch needle allows the user to glitch directly on the soldering pins of a chip, without the need to cut the power line. The 3D positioner is optional and can be used to mount the needle and position it above the target.

The Glitch needle is driven by the Glitch Amplifier and is capable of inserting high-speed glitches on embedded targets without having to alter the target power supply.

By connecting, the Glitch Amplifier ‘out’ SMB to the Glitch Needle it is possible to inject faults by placing the Needle on the target VCC pin and connecting the ground clip to the target ground, without having to use the Glitch Amplifier as a power supply for the target. The Glitch Needle has a spring-loaded tip for easy positioning.