Creating a setup for fault injection or side channel testing on an embedded device can be daunting. Executing functions, warm or cold resetting, glitching, maintaining a certain program flow are all non-trivial target device related activities which all offers challenges for the user. The Spider is a generic workbench to interact with (complex) embedded targets. It reduces set-up complexity in Side Channel Analysis (SCA) and Fault Injection (FI) by creating a single control point with all the I/O and reset lines for custom or embedded interfaces. It can be controlled from the Inspector software or as stand-alone device. The Spider can read and respond to signals associated with protocols like JTAG, I2C, SPI, and thus provides an information channel to the internal processing state of targeted hardware. Example protocols are included.



Glitch pattern generator


Spider is also used for fault injection glitch generation for embedded targets. With Spider you can generate arbitrary glitch waves with 4 ns time resolution. The shape of the glitch waves can have any slope which allows for very specific testing of embedded chipsets. Longer glitch waves with a specific slope often stretch the robustness of a chipset. Custom glitch shapes allow for adjusting the output voltage, timing (including parameters such as offset), repetition rate/frequency and duration of the pulse.