EM-FI Transient Probe APW

EM-FI testing allows bypassing security countermeasures. The new EM-FI APW allows us to do both glitching and measuring simultaneously through the same tip , giving more options to experiment with the variable pulse length and being more effective because of the added measurement options.

Key Features

The EM-FI Transient Probe APW has two significant features that are unique on the market:

    • You can measure EM emission while glitching the target with EM pulses. This will enable you to use EM signals to decide on the perfect timing for the FI attack and to verify if the pulses are injected at the correct time. All real time!
    • You can now control the pulse width to be more flexible in creating the EM field over a chip.

Other Features:

    • Low setup costs with regard to target preparation
    • It does not require de-packaging the chip
    • Lower chance of permanent chip damage compared to laser glitching.
    • Adjustable pulses (Glitch power, delay).
    • Different probe tips are included
    • Even shorter pulses than before starting from 4ns configurable from software
    • Fast and predictable response to a trigger.
    • Fits Riscure XYZ stage for automated scanning.
    • Use a stable, clean power supply


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