Inspector Pre-Silicon

Inspector Pre-Silicon a product essential to design secure chips with side-channel resistance. Inspector Pre-Silicon can be used from the start of the design process to just before tape out. The combination of quick validation and showing the root cause of found vulnerabilities  – is unique on the market. At Risk, we have years of experience with chip certification projects, analyzing designs manually and testing chips physically. We have used this experience to develop a product that can save costs and time because it prevents security issues in a product by automatically checking during all phases of the development process.

How it works

Inspector Pre-Silicon will:

  1. Determine whether there is exploitable leakage
  2. Indicate when the leakage occurs
  3. Identify the root cause of this found issue(s)

With Inspector Pre-Silicon:

  • The design team gets fast feedback on security-related issues. Mitigation of issues in the design phase of a product is cheaper and quicker.
  • The assessment of your design will be automated  – no need to be a security expert to find the leakage or to detect the root cause. The designer gets feedback on the RTL or gate level.
  • The hardware design team can easily test multiple variants of the design to test which one is most secure and compare it with other aspects of the chip (more secure usually has drawbacks, for example, less performance). Comparing the security level of different variants of the design help to facilitate decisions on what is needed/relevant/sellable etc., for the product
  • Security becomes an integrated part of the design toolchain. Inspector Pre-Silicon can be integrated into the design/development toolchain of the customer so that results can be acquired automated and/or overnight without the need to operate the product manually.
  • Expert assistance is closeby: since we have lots of practical experience with SCA projects for AES crypto, we can combine the product with services , so the customer gets:
    • Help from an experienced expert to set up and configure the product
    • Get advice on mitigation strategies
    • Test the product for final testing and certification (after tape out)


  • Can be used for testing AES crypto
  • For SCA analysis
  • Customer has an EDA toolchain (optionally including power simulation)


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