EM Probe Station

Riscure Inspector’s EM Probe Station provides a complete solution for EM analysis. It consists of two hardware components, the High Precision EM probe and a motorized XYZ table, which are integrated with the Inspector software for configuration, taking measurements and subsequently performing cryptanalysis.


Electronic devices draw current through their internal wires while functioning. Variations of these currents result in electromagnetic emanations related to the processing being performed by the device. Due to this relationship, EM emanations can be used for Side Channel Analysis of smart cards and embedded devices. However, a high quality (i.e. low noise and large bandwidth) measurement device is important to achieve good results with a limited number of traces. Further, the quality of the acquired signal for Side Channel Analysis depends on the location of the probe with respect to the analyzed device.


The EM Probe is especially designed for side channel analysis. Top end differential amplifiers provide low noise and high bandwidth measurements of the EM signal. The high sensitivity probe is capable of measuring weak emanations from small current loops in the chip. 

When used in conjunction with the XYZ table, it is possible to automate a scan of the complete chip surface in order to find the best measurement location. The small step size of the XYZ table combined with the high spatial resolution of the EM probe provides a very accurate way of measuring the signal intensity on different parts of the target device.

    • High precision EM probe included


    • Modular base plate for stable and repeatable setups


    • Easy coupling with other Inspector devices for I/O and triggering