High Precision EM Probe

The High Precision EM Probe is a very sensitive probe used in Side Channel Analysis (SCA). It is used to pick up electromagnetic emissions from semiconductor circuits. The probe has a mechanism to change the probe tip to alow you to work with tips that have different diameters. The probe is shipped with 3 tips. The diameters of these tips are 0.2mm, 0.5mm and 1.25mm. All tips have a directed coil and a protective teflon shell . The probe can pick up EM fields with frequencies up to 6 GHz and converts these into an AC signal.







By moving it over the surface of a target, the probe is used to find highly active circuits (‘hotspots’). The signals picked up on such a hotspot are the measurements for Simple or Differential ElectroMagnetic Analysis (SEMA/DEMA). The high sensitivity probe has a variable gain mechanism. The gain can be set by hand or through an external device like Spider and can vary based on the characteristics of the target. The Probe is normally used in combination with an XYZ-motion platform, for example the Riscure Probe Station