Huracan - Security Analysis Edition

Complexity in cars is increasing constantly. The increase in electronic units in a car for an optimal driver experience has the unfortunate downside that the number of points for an attacker to exploit has also increased significantly . Huracán assists your developers to improve security in efficient manner. You will get a deep insight in what is happening within the electronic circuits of a vehicle and pinpointing vulnerabilities that are exploitable by an attacker. To get started you don’t need to be a security expert. Huracán can be easily integrated in your existing test bench and will execute predefined attack scenario’s to guarantee a baseline with regard to the security of a specific ECU or a combination of ECU’s. The user is assisted by our software to control Huracán and interpret results.

All in one tool that can be used for multiple security test scenario’s

  • Protocol agnostic
  • Standard connectors to easily Integrate Huracán in your existing test bench
  • Record and playback CAN messages to emulate an ECU
  • Automated fuzzing capabilities to test the robustness of any ECU
  • Traffic driven triggering capabilities to extend your test scenario’s with side channel analysis (SCA) and fault injection (FI)


Easy to use, though extensible when needed

  • Smart active bus scanning in the discovery phase to record traffic
  • Access to all low-level functions used in the predefined test scenario’s to compose your own scenario
  • Analyze bus traffic in real-time and manipulate messages
  • Scriptable by using python or command-line


Use multiple devices in 1 setup

  • Easily scale up with multiple Huracáns in one setup that can be controlled from one dashboard
  • Share information between Huracáns to make testing more robust and efficient