Secure Coding Expert Topics (SCET)

Riscure Secure Coding Expert Topics is a collection of technical courses built on the expertise of our security analysts during many years of industry evaluations. These courses aim to provide an exhaustive treatment of the topic.  No books or other courses cover the topics we explore in this series.  Aside from the focus on the technical accuracy of the material,  we take pride in the custom-designed example and exercises which engage the audience. If you are interested in only one topic, please click Learn more and book your seat.


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Designing Secure Bootloaders

This is the first online course aimed at software developers which tackles the problem of transforming a bootloader into a secure bootloader. The course has a dedicated virtual lab environment, where the trainee is applying the learned concepts to secure a generic implementation. The version provided is a functional bootloader that contains the top 10 security mistakes we see in a typical implementation of a secure bootloader (based on 15 years of reviews). Learn more >>

Understanding Leakage Detection

The aim of this tutorial is to help you grasp the intuition behind side channel leakage detection methodologies and achieve a sound technical appreciation of how and why they work. We will motivate and describe the current popular practice, including correlation-based tests, and expose some of the limitations, with a special focus on ISO standard 17825. By the end of this tutorial you will be equipped to carry out leakage detection tests sensibly and interpret the outcomes responsibly. Learn more >>

HCE Security Masterclass

Riscure offers an efficient approach to support you with obtaining the required certifications and build assurance on closed and open-loop payment solutions. Our team has a proven track record with performing more than 40 mobile security evaluations on Mobile Payment Applications (MPA), Software Development Kits (SDK), SE and TEE based payment solutions by leveraging our deep knowledge of the Payment industry, underlying security technologies as well as market needs. Learn more >>