7-9 July

Join our course and learn Secure Coding Development Bootcamp from the comfort of your home! In a virtual setting  join our expert instructor, Dana Geist,  and learn about the pitfalls of secure coding. This course condenses  Riscure’s  analyst experience with code reviews and with best practises for finding security vulnerabilities. While we cover the what, why, and how of  code auditing the most important benefit of this training is to interact and ask questions to a  pro with many years of experience in source code review.   With a redesigned schedule, to fit the virtual setting you interact with your trainer and get feedback on your progress in real time.


Total duration is 6 hours/ day including coffee and lunch break. 

Schedule: 10.00 a.m- 15.30 p.m. (NL time)

Who is your trainer?

Dana Geist is a Senior Security Analyst working at Riscure since 2016. She received a Master’s degree in System and Network Engineering at the

University of Amsterdam (UvA) in the Netherlands. As a Senior Security Analyst she performs source code review projects and evaluations

of TEE solutions for the content protection market. Additionally, she is involved in Fault Injection projects and testing of embedded systems.


What will you learn in this course?

After following this course, here are the top five benefits you will experience:

o   You will be able to describe the most severe weaknesses in code (C)

o   You can explain why compliance with coding guidelines MISRA-C is not equivalent with secure code development

o   You can identifying vulnerabilities in your code;

o   You can propose fixes for the vulnerabilities identified during development

o   You can select the most applicable software hardening techniques for your system.


Is this training for you?

This virtual classroom training is the most beneficial for code auditors, software security architects, software developers, and system designers involved in  designing, development, and maintenance of embedded system software assets.  As we want you to have a premium experience, the classroom is limited to 10 people.  So don’t miss your opportunity to boost your expertise in code development!

To register to a Secure Code Development Bootcamp and find out the full agenda of the training, contact us below via a form. This is an open training,

where you can purchase a desired number of seats for your team (ten seats are available in total). It is also possible to organize private classroom training for your company.




Day 1:

        ->Introduction to the SCDB course

        ->Code Evaluation Methodology       

        ->Memory corruption issues

        ->Exploit mitigation techniques part I


    Day 2:

        ->C language issues        

        ->Type confusion

        ->Dynamic memory

        ->Kernel issues


    Day 3:

        ->Race conditions

        ->Crypto issues

        ->Exploit mitigation techniques part II

        ->Secure Coding Guidelines


Are you ready to start?

Get your skills in your own time.